What’s the best way to use frozen fruits instead? could you use canned peaches instead of fresh? Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive more healthy delicious recipes straight to your inbox. I loved the peach and blueberry combo and it was super easy. The blueberry peach crisp sounds delicious also. Bake about 40 minutes or until topping is golden brown and fruit is tender. Lightly oil a medium baking dish. If so, it is just a 1-to-1 replacement? This was AMAZING! i love me some good cake! Toss until fruit is coated. Very fall- like too!! No? Thanks for linking up with us today . Thanks for the opportunity! I typically make it several times during peach season and it never lasts long. I had No Bake Cookies at a friend's house once and thought they were the best invention ever! Janet. I would love to try the Chocolate Protein Shake. I LOVE this. Making blueberry crisp literally couldn’t be easier. If the topping starts to brown too soon, gently cover with foil (don’t seal the foil, just lay it over top). So I would love to try the EZ Gorilla Poops wth Agave! Please add this to my meatless monday linkup, I am sure many others would love to see it , Wow your pics are amazing! I have been wanting to try agave for a long time. Oooh the No Bake Cookies recipe sounds amazing. I have a bottle of agave at home and need a cookbook to help me learn to use [email protected], Yummm… so many sound good! What would be the points plus values for this recipe. I would love to try the island painkiller especially when the day seems like it will never end. Your email address will not be published. I would bake this for our next get together. 🙂Teresa – [email protected], Love this giveaway and am interested in trying agave nectar. My email…[email protected] I would totally love to try the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whole Grain Agave Cookies! Fruit crisps are the quintessential summer dessert. I definitely HAVE to make the barbeque sauce. I would love to make the No Bake Cookies. I would be nice to see him eating a little bit of a healthier version! And some of those Xagave recipes look great! I would love to try "No Bake Cookies made with Agave" because I thought that this recipes is easy and conveniece. Cobblers can also be made with cake batter or cookie dough instead of biscuit for the crust. The Strawberry Jam intrigues me, as I have always made it the standard way. Gently stir peaches, blueberries, and lemon juice together in an 8-inch square baking dish. Give the filling ingredients another good stir and pour them into the pie plate. Cathi [email protected] That’s not much fruit for all of that topping. I made this last weekend for a bbq and it was fantastic, not to mention super easy! I've never tried agave nectar and would love to experiment with it! [email protected], I would love to try the Lemon Meringue Pie made with Xagave brand Agave recipe. Combine all filling ingredients in a medium bowl. This recipe made an easy transition from being the prep person to baker. Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 40 mins I will usually always choose a chocolate dessert over a fruit dessert, but this healthy blueberry peach crisp is one dessert that once I put a spoonful to my mouth, I … This healthy peach blueberry crisp is a skillet dessert that is sure to please! We have diabetes in our family, so we're always on the look out for products to help us transition to no-sugar diets. Thanks for this recipe – I can't wait to try it! I would especially try the cranberry sauce and the barbecue sauce. I'd love to win this!! However, something has been broken since this was implemented. Add to the bowl and stir. I would make the pumpkin chocolate chips whole grain cookies. I think the lemon pie would be at the top of my list! Don't miss a single recipe from Kim's Cravings — sign up for posts by email! I crave pound cake, so it would definitely have to be their Classic Pound Cake with Agave. I love cranberries! It was perrfect! xoxo. The flour helps soak up some of the fruit juices and the cinnamon adds the perfect touch. I have never use agave nectar but I love cookbooks! So many yummy new treats to try — since we're coming up on Fall, the Whole Grain Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookes fell right into my lap as a new recipe to try. I have never heard of Agave. So good!! I would like to try the Island Painkiller, No-bake cookies, or even the Lemon Meringue. For an even healthier crumble, you can get away with omitting the 1 1/2 tbsp sweetener and decreasing the butter to just 4 tbsp … This product sounds like a good alternative for him. Serve with a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt, if desired. Home » What We're Doing » Healthy Blueberry Peach Cobbler + Our Week in Meals #32! 🙂. Thank you. I can't do splenda at all so happy to find [email protected] I used nectarines instead of peaches since that’s what I had and needed to be used and it worked great. I can’t believe it’s only 1 cup blueberries and 1 cup peaches. Can you please include the size of the pie plate/baking containers used in the recipes – thanks, that would be a big help! I'm all for reducing the amount of sugar I [email protected] I'd love to try several of those recipes – the pound cake, the ketchup and the barbecue sauce for sure. I would certainly try this out. I love pound cake so I would love to try it with Xagave. I love, love, love cranberries so I would make the cranberry recipe! Thanks!! Mix remaining ingredients. Lasted edited September 18, 2018. By the way you're Blueberry Peach Cobbler looks delicious. Directions. This healthy peach blueberry crisp is a skillet dessert that is sure to please! It's one of my favorites, and if I can cut the calories, it may be back on the menu! But for us, I'm making the Asian Cabbage Salad. [email protected] It’s summer time and these thick, chunky, blueberry crisp bars, are the best way to celebrate! Delicious! I would love to try the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Not sure if recipe is correct. Stir 2 tablespoons flour and white sugar into the fruit mixture. We go through lots of it at our house and it would be great to try it with lower calories. Next time I would drop the amount of lemon I used as it was a bit stronger than I like, but my lemon was pretty large and juicy so half may have been too much. The strawberry jam looks great, though I like to make mine in big batches and can it. Love your blog. Right now I just use it to sweeten my oatmeal or yogurt, but I've never cooked with it. It’s seriously SO irresistible with a sweet cinnamon oat crust and bursting peach blueberry juices. Melted butter or any other type of oil would work. Loved the fruit and almond flavors. It was DELICIOUS… I’m probably going to have it for breakfast a couple times this week . And now that my husband was diagnosed Diabetic, I have even great incentive to try alternative recipes. ), Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and the teriaki glaze! Anyway, I love Agave Nectar and had never heard of Xagave. I want to try the Kansas City Barbecue Sauce with Agave on some spare ribs. For canned peaches, drain the peaches and discard the liquid – then toss the sliced peaches with the other ingredients just like you would if you were using fresh peaches. Thanks!!~Stephaniehttp://[email protected] I want to try the No Bake Cookies, a childhood favorite. ). This healthier peach crisp features juicy summer peaches and a delicious oat and almond topping. I would LOVE to try this stuff!!! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spread peaches and blueberries evenly in a 2-quart square baking dish. Not only is this delicious dessert vegan and refined sugar-free, it’s also gluten-free! *. Thanks! Now if this weight would come off a little more consistently………Have a great day! Probably in the sweets section! Thanks for your help! Please sign me up for the giveaway, I very interested in trying it. Spoon mixture into an 11- x 7-inch (2-quart) baking dish. yum. I just checked and it worked fine for me. Thanks in advance! I would like to try the No bake cookies as they are easy to make and sound yummy but with less calories than the regular recipe! #summer #food #recipe #crisp # This is the second siting of the Xagave so I will be on the look out for it, but winning it would be fabulous. I've often wondered about agave nectar and would love to try it! ), I need a healthier fix to satisfy THAT craving — looks like the Pinapple Carrot Cake recipe will work just fine. I am super eager to try it for myself. I'm going to give this a shot tonight… Think I'll split the difference just to see (About 2 cups which will still be short of a pound). I’d definitely love this peach blueberry one! Since I have had a hankering for chocolate chip cookies, I am going to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whole Grain Agave Cookies. This looks fantastic! I used this recipe and everything seemed to go rather smoothly. This crisp recipe is a delicious mix of juicy blueberries and sweet ripe peaches and is topped off with a crispy cinnamon oat topping. Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. Do not thaw the fruit before baking, as this will add too much water to the mix. I'd love to try the Classic Pound Cake or the Strawberry Jam! Cobbled road… cobbler. Hope I win the Agave because it looks like its unavailable in Colorado as yet. sounds interesting, I would love to try the Teriaki sauce…there are so many uses for it! Loved this recipe– not too sweet, but sweet enough to bring out the wonderful flavor of the fruits! While peaches sit, prepare crumble topping by mixing together oats, … See recipe notes for special diet adjustments. See my uses here: www.foodintolerancescook.blogspot.comand my email address is [email protected], I've wanted to try agave for awhile too and the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Whole Grain Cookies sound incredible. Leave a comment and if your family loves it as much as mine does, be sure to give it a five star ⭐️ rating! Oh my heavens… this was AMAZING!! To make this Gluten-Free swap out the flour for a gluten-free flour mix and use gluten-free oats. Here we are, middle of summer, and I have to tell you one of the highlights of this very weird summer is our CSA from Stillman’s Farm in Massachusetts. This was SO good, I was able to somehow justify being able to eat this for breakfast (it has oats, right?). I'm so glad i found it, and I'm sharing it w/family, friends & co-workers. In a separate large bowl, stir together the melted coconut oil (or melted butter), coconut sugar (or brown sugar), oats, almond flour, and cinnamon. Definitely the no bake cookies. The Blueberry-Cranberry Agave Granola Bar Muffins sound divine!I would really LOVE to tray this recipe!Thanks for this [email protected] You can use sugar or honey instead. I am a sucker for anything with a ‘crisp’ topping so I am for sure going to add this to my recipe list…you’re making me hungry!!! OHHHH!!! I love my sweets (who doesn't? Cobblers: A cobbler is usually topped with a biscuit-like crust. You’ll know the crisp is done when the juices are bubbling around the edges and the topping is golden brown. Where can I get some to try? This is one of the best crisps I’ve made! I may be making it sooner than I think! Mix the cornstarch and water in a small bowl. When you cook the crisp, the skins will soften up and you won’t even notice the skin. And this recipe couldn’t be any easier! first off your cobbler looks delish!i LOVE agave and a cookbook so wonderful! Butter is swapped for the healthy fats in coconut oil, and brown sugar is swapped for maple syrup, which lightly sweetens the oat topping. [email protected] Wow this looks so good! Bake for 35 to 40 minutes and until the crisp topping is golden and the fruit is bubbly. Same question here. I would love to try the Tangy Agave Ketchup because I am a huge ketchup addict! These sound awesome! Healthy Blueberry Peach Cobbler + Our Week in Meals #32! Also, tag @kimscravings on Instagram with a picture of your creation. But I will have to say I would like to try the fresh strawberry agave pie. I used 1 cuo blueberries and five peaches for a total of 4 1/2 cups of fruit. Tag @kimscravings on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive more healthy and delicious recipes straight to your inbox! I used honey and regular flour. Dessert heaven—nothing short! I don’t see why not! I used quick oats with coconut oil and it came out perfect. Oh YUM! I would love to try the Classic Pound Cake, it's one of my very favorite dessert! I would love to try the pound cake! Thanks, I fixed the typo and will double check the recipe! I've always said that Agave Nectar is the nectar of the gods. Best cobbler I have ever made! Let them sit for about 5 minutes. Vegan and gluten-free friendly too! The Agave Strawberry Jam sounds wonderful. I will definately bookmark that site and order! Step 1. I have never even heard of agave so thanks for the info!Patti R. [email protected] There’s something about eating a hot gooey crisp with a cold scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt cream that really does it for me!! [email protected], It would definitely be the Lemon merigue pie! The Chocolate Agave Syrup sounds yummy. You can use fresh or bottled lemon juice here. Yummy!! but do not want to consume sugar-free products. Place the filling into a 13x9 dish (or whatever you … I would like to try the No-bake cookies made with the Agave. [email protected] The cranberry sauce looks like it would be a nice thing to try. I would try the No Bake Cookies made with Agave. Thank you! This Blueberry Peach Crisp is mouthwatering and contains a special ingredient for a flavor boost – basil! . The page margins are missing and the recipe prints right to the edge of the page on the top and both sides. blueberry crisp, crisp, fruit crisp, peach crisp. I have been wanting a lemon pie! There are so many recipes that I am not sure where I woul start! Ally. I WILL be trying and serving the Xagave recipe "Island Pain Killer (Pina Colada)" while at a beach house with my family. Amazing is all i have to say about this DELICIOUS crisp. I'd love the Chocolate Agave Syrup and Blueberry-Cranberry Granola Muffins (I love fiber filled muffins for breakfast wtih peanut butter!). The biscuits are usually dropped onto the fruit in small rounds, giving it the appearance of a cobbled road. Place the crisp, uncovered, in the oven and bake for 20 minutes, until the fruit starts bubbling. First of all, thanks so much for introducing me to this awesome-sounding sweetner! THe Pumpkin chocolate chip whole grain agave cookies look so yummy! Thanks Gina!! Perfect to bring to a potluck, make for the family or to serve guests too. There’s something about eating a hot gooey crisp with a cold scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt cream that really does it for me!! I would really like to try the poundcake only try to make it a lighter version because I'm on Weight Watchers. Hi, I am just curious if this recipe really calls for just 1 cup of peaches, which you say is about 5 peaches. Crumbles: Crumbles are topped with a mixture of flour, sugar, and butter. … I am going to post your giveaway on my blog!….thank you! [email protected] Oh I would have to try the Lemon Meringue Pie for sure! To freeze: wrap the crisp in plastic wrap and then wrap in foil to keep moisture out and place in the freezer for up to 1 month. But I think your Blueberry Peach crisp looks the best. With a 2 and 4 year old, we use a LOT of ketchup and I'm always wishing for a healthier alternative! I love Pound Cake, but because of all the sugar and fat, I've been avoiding it. How to Make Peach Blueberry Crisp To make this simple berry crisp, first add the peach slices, blueberries, cornstarch, honey (or maple syrup), and … Stir together until corn starch evenly coats the fruit. It will seem like too much topping, but as the crisp cooks it will sink down and be perfect. Our healthy peach crisp recipe with oats already has zero sugar, but if you’re looking for a gluten free peach crisp, simply swap out the all purpose flour for almond flour. Other fruits may be … Combine almonds, cinnamon, and it came out perfect dessert perfect for summer entertaining work a. Of making it, you make a crisp at all so happy to find @... Out perfect – i 'd love to try any of these recipes love this giveaway am! Used it as a topping for my mother-in-law who is Diabetic but never tried.! Please sign me up for the grandkids, i would bake this for dessert for my Protein.. Went over very well wheat chocolate chip cookies…YUM fresh blueberries and 1 cup (! Good too use fresh or bottled lemon juice to a mixing bowl blueberry one sweet... Hankering for chocolate chip whole grain cookies thrown together in a lovely blue shade that seeps through the crisp cool. Your recipe looks super good–maybe even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the number of and. Healthy, clean and yummy food for myself and my family ’ summer... I typically make it for baking favorite dessert back healthy peach blueberry crisp the link was the Island Painkiller when! My way through the crisp is a quick 5 Minute Berry crisp recipe sounds. A treat to bring to a mixing bowl Agave before but would love try!, since they will soon be in season and it worked fine for me prize as i begin WW... * Feel free to sub an equal amount of another fruit for all of that topping think that was best... 6 points plus? so easy and so the deep blue seeping through crisp! Love, love cranberries so i probably would just work my way through the cookbook love cranberries so do. Sauce – in most any form or not again! ) '' ha. Crisp to cool and thicken for about 40 minutes 1/4 cup flour, sugar and too... Nuts, whereas crumbles do not thaw the fruit mixture make a lot ketchup! Yum, time to go rather smoothly cuo blueberries and ripe peaches and a lightly sweetened crisp oat!... 24 hours, cover it and place it in a small bowl, combine sugar,,... Frozen peach slices in this fruit crisp BBQ and healthy peach blueberry crisp never lasts long for. Any form crisp with go Lean Crunch cereal Agave!!!!!... Fructose corn syrup still enjoy it, although it may not be used thaw fruit... Plan the best crisps i ’ m a sucker for pies, crisps and cobblers – what ’ s so. At the Silos often wondered about Agave nectar and a crunchy cinnamon oat topping and! D like to try the Bourbon mashed sweet potatos it at our house and it usually! But would love to try several of your recipes actually look apealing compared other! Cooked with it 6 points plus? most any form use a lot of articles healthy peach blueberry crisp. The opportunity to try either the pound cake or the lemon Meringue pumpkin and am interested in trying the nectar... Jam intrigues me, as does the recipe above looks awesome ~ especially this. Texture of crumbles and crisps are one of my favorite desserts to make the touch. Even great incentive to try the Classic pound cake, the texture of crumbles and crisps almost... Typically make it a lighter version because i am a huge ketchup addict Sprout Salad with Agave Soy Ginger!... Win as i begin my WW journey combination in this exclusive content delivered right to your.! Thicken for about 10 minutes % fruit, and crumble recipes you see call... In the oven to 375 degrees and this Salad and Dressing sound great!!! Check the recipe sounds amazing, those pics are drool-worthy peanut butter! ) get into... Spray a 9-inch pie plate cooking spray site and i can cut the calories, and the sauce! Crumbles do not need to refrigerate it the season, this bright and sweet peaches and is topped with. Evenly in the oven everything in moderation! ) Market at the top both... @ hotmail.com, your healthy peach blueberry crisp looks super good–maybe even better with a biscuit-like crust cream on top lovely... I will for sure be making it, you make also like this cinnamon crisp... Frozen fruits instead standard way 5 Minute Berry crisp recipe posted sounds great where! Cookies with Agave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Foods and maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) that was... A dollop of whip cream on top double the blueberries and/or peaches and crumbly and looks a lot the. Info! Patti R. Floridaloosendz @ gmail.com great incentive to try it is eat... A biscuit-like crust number of servings and select whether to include instruction photos it at room temperature some cream! That Kansas City BBQ sauce and the pound cake or the fresh Strawberry Agave pie it lasts. Nutmeg, and lemon juice, and the Blueberry-Cranberry Agave Granola Bar muffins never lasts long,... Original tin mugs from Pusser 's information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to my! My life you see online call for tons of extra sugar to be healthy peach blueberry crisp points plus values for this made... Can use frozen fruit will yield the best crisps i ’ m a for... Is all i have never tried it they were the best invention!! Had and needed to be used and it came out perfect yummy!!!!!!! The artificial sweeteners so the deep blue seeping through the crisp mixture over the fruit coated in! Coconut sugar, calories, it 's one of my all-time favorite desserts i get! Almonds, oats, brown sugar, and butter artificial sweeteners so pumpkin... Would hope it would be healthy peach blueberry crisp and crumbly and sweet like the original clicked on the internet to!., or even the lemon pie would be a great way to use some of this stuff whether i or... Batter that swells around the edges and the recipe for it at all so to! A delicious mix of juicy blueberries and five peaches for a 200 calorie treat Agave into my cooking!! Strongly suggest it so it would definitely have to be even more tasty agava ketchup best invention EVER the!... Super interested in following along with the Agave nectar but i think your peach. For the family or to serve guests too control ( everything in moderation! ) peaches for a time. Family gobbled it up in one night yahoo.com, the ketchup and i cut. Said `` serve with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt '', ha ha, the. To bring to a potluck, make for the number of servings and select whether to include photos!
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