Not as deadly. T-90 vs M1 Abrams – How good are Russian developed, India operated T90 Bhishma Tanks in comparison to US M1 Abrams? And Jon Leci has explained some technical details about it. Better at what? T-90 STR - small profile - composite + era combination (more versatile, easy to replace if only era is damaged) - electronic countermeasure - diesel engine is easy to maintain - ATGM capable Weak - far inferior gun (for those who say Russian T90 vs American M1A2 Abrams - Which is better? What I want to address is that this is not a meaningful comparison. If these tanks fought in battle, which would suffer more casualties, which one is superior? The US recently admitted that its tank technology has fallen behind the achievements of other nations, especially with the emergence of German and Israeli tanks. Better when? And in reply to the OP, you should really change the title to "Whats your favorite tank" because if you were asking me who would win in a T-90A vs M1 Abrams tank battle, I would say neither because it really depends on the MikkoLn RE:T90 vs. M1A2 Abrams 1/12/2004 5:25:09 AM Using the similiar kind of reasoning as most "M1 rules"-mans do here (i.e. I personally think the Abrams is the best tank in the world mainly because the crews are some of the most well trained (15 weeks minimal from simulations at Ft. Knox to getting to drive the real thing), and likely the most experienced (veterans … T90 vs Abrams 1 2 Potato_Bean Enlisted: 2012-03-21 2013-04-16 15:05 Personally i am leaning more towards the abrams for 1. Depending on how things are playing out in the Ukraine, a worst-case scenario may see a competition and it most definitely won't be friendly! L'Abrams est équipé de systèmes de vision infrarouge plus modernes que ceux du T-90, mais le blindé américain est plus lourd, ce qui réduit sa manœuvrabilité par rapport au char russe. M1 Abrams Vs T90 Source(s): 0 0 Anonymous 1 decade ago Leopard II beats Abrams: Seen it myself during ex. The same is also true of the Abrams' 120mm gun: there'll be places it can take down a T-90 (and some places it can't).The sighting system on the Abrams should be pretty damn good (there have been about 3 rounds of upgrades Mobility: Abrams: 1519 hp/54.4 ton = 27.9 hp/ton Leopard Iraqi Armored Brigade Ditches U.S. M1 Abrams For Russian T-90 Tanks The change in equipment comes after the United States put restrictions on … Russian T90 vs American M1A2 Abrams - Which is better? Forum Start > Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 3 - PS3, XBOX 360 > T90 vs Abrams Thread is locked. T90 vs abrams M1 Abrams vs. T-90: Top US General Admits Russia Has .. Not sure about T-90, haven't seen one in the flesh. No, this isn’t some dig about how it’s easier to face. VT-4 is … M1A2 Abrams Aqui un poco de historia: El primer tanque Abrams entro en servicio en 1979, pero empezo a disenarse en 1972, el fabricante fue General Dynamics, pero se basaron a partir de un diseno de Chrysler It’s a focus on exports, a subject underrepresented in tank discussion on Quora. If you don’t give specifics on that, you’re asking for a classical fight beween an elephant and a … M1A1M Abrams vs T-90S/SK: Which is the better tank? Russian T90 vs American M1A2 Abrams - Which is better? Okay, I've heard alot of claims from Russian fanboys and American fanboys and experts both claiming their countries tank is better than the other. BETTER AT WHAT. T-90 vs Abrams depends on a lot of things. What are their advantages? Much has been written when it comes to Russia's new supposed super tank, the Armata T-14. 1. What are … It is no secret that the export What variants are we comparing? On the 21st of March 2019 Syrian SAA T-90 tank engaged and destroyed Ahrar Al-Sham's Abrams tank formerly captured from Iraq by Daesh forces. nothing is worth nothing unless it's combat tested) we simply can't answer to this question. in Germany. The T-90 is a better tank for everyone but the US. Elvarinn said: T90 FTW +1 handling takes some time to get used to but it turns much faster than the abrams.better sights too.most people find it difficult to handle cause they use boost all the time. Russian government-controlled news agency Sputnik recently argued that the Iraqi Army’s 9th Division’s 35th Brigade replaced its M1A1Ms with T-90S/SK not just because of the unreliability of maintaining the Abrams compared to the T-90S/SK but overall because the T-90S/SK is a better tank and much better suited to Iraq’s needs. Comparison between both fully spaded by a player with 611 kills in M1 and 63 kills in the 2A4 in three major categories of firepower, mobility, and survivabilty. To be clear, the T-14 is actually part of something called "The … Abrams M1A2 SEP v.3 С другой стороны океана у SEP v.3 произвели обратное действие: затащили вспомогательную силовую установку под основное бронирование. More real version of this scenario: vs Abrams. What sort of a comparison is it? There is a world of difference between the base M1A1 and the SEP v2/3, and similarly with the T-90 and T-90M. by … I think the Abrams is still towards the top of its class in terms of combat systems, in terms of tanks, Murray said. I also don't like the Nicki Minaj rear end on the Abrams, you can't shoot down behind you and I hate it. While it might be a remote possibility, it would be a very interesting match up. Better where? The first question is most important. If these tanks fought in battle, which would suffer more casualties, which one is superior? Russia's Lethal T-90 Tank vs. ISIS' Captured M1 Abrams: Who Wins? you have to let go of the accelerator before turning and then boost again.on the other hand the lav handles better than the btr.only problem it doesnt turn on the spot like the btr If these tanks fought in battle, which would suffer more casualties, which one is superior? It is a multi-fuel engine, which can run on any grade of petrol, diesel, aviation fuel or kerosene. The Abrams is operated by a crew of 4, including commander gunner and driver. I like the T90 because you can drift it around corners if there is a small bump nearby. aug'd t90 armor is typically quoted to last 40-50 hours before you must d/a it. May also see similar competitions with the T90 … Well in general, perks you would put on Nex sets aren't the extremely expensive ones (namely Biting 3, but an Imp3 or Crack3 combo could be costly too). It 4. A tank does not work alone. What are … Unique feature of the Abrams tank is its gas turbine engine.

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